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21st Century Optics!

21st Century Optics is a full service wholesale optical laboratory providing quality products, advanced technology and outstanding customer service to the Metropolitan New York/New Jersey Eye Care Professional community. Our state-of-the-art facility in Long Island City, NY features a Digital Lens Processing Center as well as a Class 1000 Clean Room where we produce Crizal and other 21st Century Optics proprietary non glare coatings and lens treatments.

Eye Med
21st Century Optics is proud to announce that
we are now an approved EyeMed Lab!

We look forward to servicing your EyeMed work and partnering further with you and the rest of our valued customers.

Advancing The Power of 3 Varilux,
New Transitions Signature VII and Crizal

  • NEW Transitions® Signature VII Lenses:
    Darker in all conditions outdoors including on hot days.
  • Varilux® Progressive Lenses:
    Superior vision at any distances, in any situation.
  • Crizal® No Glare Lenses:
    Provide the clearest vision possible and 25X more UV protection against the damaging rays of the sun.

Visit http://essilortransitions.com

21st Century Optics delivers White Glove Service

21st Century Optics now produces Varilux S SeriesTM lenses in-house!

Varilux S Series represents a revolution in lens technology, lens design and in lens personalization. That means your patient will experience clearer vision throughout the lens and the ability to focus faster.

  • Excellent turnaround times will now be the norm for all of our Varilux S Series lenses
  • Create loyal patients by providing them with the best visual progressive solution on the market
  • Have your patients experience 21st Century's White Glove Service and Varilux S Series lenses

Call Today - 1-800-221-4170

Job Tracking Made Easy!

Now all jobs, whether ordered online, called in, or sent in can be tracked on the 21st Century website. If you do not have a 21st Century online ordering account and want to be able to track your work just follow these easy steps:

  • Call Customer Care at 1-800-221-4170 and tell them you want to open an online ordering account
  • We'll call you back when your account is activated and give you your temporary password
  • Click the Order Online link
  • You may change your password at this time if you choose
  • You can now track all your future work

21st Century Optics... Leading the Way!

Modern optical lens production is challenging. It takes a modern, sophisticated optical lab to make the process easy for you. We recently completed a $2 million investment in technology and personnel to provide the impeccable quality and outstanding hassle-free service you look for when partnering with a laboratory. This video will show you how we do it.


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